The Celestion Alnico Blue is arguably the most famous and renowned guitar speaker in history. The signature sound of 1960s Vox AC30s came through Celestion’s Alnico G12 speakers, and the Blue is an amazing re-creation of that sound. It’s relatively low power-handling (by today’s standards) of 15 watts makes it ideal for low-wattage amps, where it’s chime, compression, and natural break up can shine without fear of the damage that can result if driven with a higher power amp.


Size: 12″
Magnet: Alnico
Power Handling: 15 watts
Sensitivity: 100dB

Where to buy

Amazon 8 ohm – $254.99 with Free Shipping
Amazon 16 ohm – $279 with Free Shipping
Guitar Center – $279 with Free Shipping
Mojotone 8 ohm – $279
Mojotone 16 ohm – $279 8 ohm 16 ohm
Zzounds – $279

Alternative options

Celestion Alnico Gold
Eminence Red Fang
Weber Blue Dog
WGS Black & Blue